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Upcoming Show

Upcoming Show

March 16th  18th, 2023


Holiday Inn Cleveland South


It’s time to start making your reservations for a dealer room at the 2023 Great Lakes Decoy Association, Ohio Decoy Show. This year’s show dates are Friday, March 17th and Saturday, March 18th although many of the dealers are arriving on Thursday the 16th or Wednesday the 15th. You may want to consider coming on the 15th or 16th as the hotel may not have your room ready as check in is 3:00PM. Friday will be room to room only. Saturday will be room to room, Vintage Contest and Favorite Flock Decoy Display/Membership meeting/Cocktail event. As we are having a two-day show, all dealers are required to have their rooms available to the public for both days. Departure is on Sunday. If you wish to come a day or two early (the club would encourage you to be there and set up Thursday night in preparation for a full day Friday), that, as always, is permitted but not required. Note, if you come early the hotel will give you the room you were assigned by the GLDA ONLY. Do not try and get what you feel is a better room. If this happens, you will be removed. Please find enclosed, your application to fill out and mail in along with your check. If you need to renew your dues, please send those monies in as well, one check is fine.

Please note. This year we will again be sharing the hotel and running our show in conjunction with the ODCCA show. The ODCCA show is Saturday the 18th and Sunday the 19th, so if you wish to add another day to try and sell (or buy) feel free to stay on Sunday and leave on Monday. There should still be traffic coming through the Hotel on Sunday.

Note: The Independence Holiday Inn requires all attendees to reserve their room nights through the hotel. Their list will be paired with my list as to where the dealers will be placed. Their number is 216-524-8050 ext. 298 and tell them you’re with the Decoy Show to get our discounted room rate. Please call and reserve your room nights and be sure to return the application as well.

All dealers using dealer rooms on the first and second floor rooms MUST be GLDA members. This rule also applies to anyone setting up in the ODCCA ballroom for sales. Those dealers must be members of the ODCCA.

All first and second floor rooms are the same. There are two conjoined hallways with rooms on both sides. We will do our best so that every dealer has a good selling opportunity. First floor room fees to the GLDA will be $150.00 for the entire show and 2nd floor will be $75.00.

If you are sharing a room with anyone else selling in your room, it is your responsibility to notify the club on the application who that is and, to make sure their dues are up to date as well. Remember, club revenue comes from dealer rooms and membership only and is necessary for our future existence. Please help with this process.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, filling out your application completely, and returning it to us no later than January 30th, 2023. We look forward to your continued support and friendship.

GLDA Board of Directors